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Hi I'm Sal!


I was once asked why I love exercise, training and competition so much; after some deep thought over a cup of coffee, the answer came to me -

I love watching people surprise and excite themselves!


I love it when out of the blue, all their training and preparation comes together to create a stunning performance. It might be performing a max lift for a new personal best, or nailing a flying side kick to break the most boards for the World Championship title.


And truth be told, I love experiencing the same surprise and excitement in my own training.


In 2014, I was on an AIS scholarship for Judo and Boxing. Currently, I train in Martial Arts (a blend of grappling and striking styles, including Brazilian Jujitsu), and Circus Arts (including acrobatics and aerials). I have competed in Dragon Boat racing at international level and Karate at national level.

You could say I am a sports junkie, but I don't do sport just to do sport. I do sport to experience the excitement and surprise alongside my teammates, and I coach to experience the excitement and surprise alongside my athletes.


I have coached athletes in Martial sports and Dragon Boat racing, as well as people looking to get fit, lose weight and strengthen their bodies. So, no matter what you're into, I can provide effective programming to get you where you want to be!


The average person has ABOVE average capabilities. With regular training and support, it is surprising and exciting to see what your body and mind can do.


I invite you to experience the joy, fun, freedom, surprise and excitement that occurs when you unlock your potential.


View my qualifications here.

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