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Rob Jesson

State Sales Manager (Commercial Furniture)
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Training with Sal has given me back my confidence

Training with Sal allowed me to get back to playing the sport I love, basketball.

There was a point in time where I didn't think I would be able to play again due to a mix of not being in shape and personal doubt due to past injuries. But training has given me back my confidence in my sporting ability. It's also surprised me how much I have personally developed along the way.

I chose Sal because I wanted to find a personal trainer close to home. I had just moved to Jerrabomberra and was looking at general fitness improvements as well as strength training in an attempt to get back into sports after injury. I was nervous coming into my first session, but that quickly went away with how friendly and attentive Sal was.

My inital goals were to;

  • To lose weight

  • Get stronger

  • Get my confidence back

  • Be able to play the sport I love - basketball

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Whilst I am not as light as what I would like to be, I certainly am a lot stronger and more confident than I was when I first started - that's for sure! 


The training plan is great. It's full of variety, which is important to me. I train with a wonderful group of people, but I always feel like the session has things tailored to my needs and requirements. I cannot begin to thank Sal enough for what her training has meant to me. I really am thankful I made the decision to call her back when I moved into the area. Anyone who is contemplating training with Sal should definitely give it a go.

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>> Real results from real people, not paid actors: clients are not paid to provide testimonials. <<

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