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Scott Bower

Scott came to Sally three months out from a major Taekwon-do competition in need of structured and intensive training. He was the head coach of the Australian team, and was under a considerable amount of pressure to perform.


"I was faced with a decision to either grab hold with both hands and make the proverbial last-minute sprint across the line or forget about competing and concentrate on coaching the rest of the Australian Team."


After an intensive training block with Sally, Scott competed lighter, faster and stronger - and came back a Triple World Champion.



Rhi Davies

From a young age Rhi had pelvic instability, and her main goal was keep her body aligned, while building strength and fitness for both Gridiron and Dragon Boat racing.  Rhi particularly enjoys weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk) and has noticed her body  adapting.


"I enjoy being trained by someone who understands what is required to be a world class athlete; both from a coach’s perspective and an athlete’s perspective."


In the last two years, Rhi has not suffered any episodes of pelvic instability. Rhi has successfully transitioned from Dragon Boat racing to Gridiron after representing Australia in both club and national racing multiple times.

Angela Notaras

Angela started training with Sally mid July 2015 in order to get fitter and stronger. She wanted to be in the top crew and represent her state at the next Australian National Championships.

"I wasn’t sure when she said I could do it and to push harder, but I did it each time.  I started doing programs that I never thought I would ever do."


Angela was in the top 20 for her club and state and lost 15 kilograms of fat along the way.


"I am proud of how far I've come, and I know that I couldn’t have done it without Sally, she is nothing short of exceptional at what she does and I can’t sing her praises enough.  "

Lucy Johnson

Lucy, like many mothers, suffered lower back pain after having children. She started sport in 2018 to get stronger but found that her back limited her participation and enjoyment.


"I had some ongoing back pain and had even broken a few bones since turning 40 (in my shoulder and tailbone)."

After some intensive core work, Lucy is stronger and more confident.

"Not only do I feel stronger and more energetic now, but more importantly Sal has taught me how to strengthen and use my core muscles to take the load off my back."

Rob Snatch.png
Rob Jesson

Rob suffered multiple ankle injuries and had to give up the sport he loved - basketball. Through progressive strength training, balance and plyometric work, his ankle health improved.


"I cannot begin to thank Sal enough for what her training has meant to me. I really am thankful I made the decision to call her back when I moved into the area."


Rob now plays regular basketball games and has had no further ankle issues. He trains for fun, to learn new things and to keep healthy.

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