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Varying levels of support to reflect your needs


Each person has a unique set of circumstances and needs. With this in mind, I have created some different training options. You can be sure that you'll receive my best coaching regardless of the option you choose.

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Full Coaching Package


The Full Coaching Package includes;

  • Full training load tracking and regular coach contact via email

  • Weekly training program(s)

  • Weekly training plan

  • An annual competition plan or performance plan

  • Complementary Nutrition and Physical Recovery Program

  • Additional programs to target Conditioning, Plyometrics, High Intensity Interval Training and Flexibility, as needed.

This option is most suitable for people training for a specific competition or for a time-bound health goal. This support is additional to weekly training sessions. Weekly sessions can be 1:1 sessions or Small group sessions (see below).



Small Group Training


Sessions of 2-4 people, where each individual is working towards their own goals in a supportive and social group environment.

Types of group training include;

  • Training for general health

  • Training for sport

  • Lifting form and technique (Weightlifting and Power lifting)

  • Conditioning (battle ropes, hill sprints, deadballs etc.)

This option is suitable to all ages and experience levels. Parents or carers of children must be present each training session.


My home studio, Gym on George, is custom built for Strength and Conditioning.

Visit the page New Space for more details



  • I individualise all programs based on people's strengths and developing skills - all identified through functional assessment.

  • Programs are designed and tracked to avoid plateaus in our results.

  • Every client receives technical attention, support and encouragement each training session.


Age and ability are not barriers!


I have qualifications and experience in training people with diverse needs, including:

  • Youth (5-12 years)

  • Adolesents (13-18 years)

  • Adults

  • Older Adults (50+ years)

  • Elderly (70+)

  • Beginners - no exercise history

  • Advanced - lifetime exercisers

  • People in bigger bodies

  • People living with chronic pain or injury

If you're unsure if I can help you, please contact me and we can start a conversation

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