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Below is some information about the new location and facilities.


Our new location is 26 George Street Oaks Estate. The studio is built on the back of our block - I train here myself and run private training here as well.

Brennans Tully George.jpg

SBS&C is a home training studio. You can expect personal service and a family feel.

The studio is equipped with the following:

  • Astro turf track and two sleds

  • Free-standing rig (including TRX, squat racks etc.)

  • Gymnastics wall bars, tumbling track and crash mats

  • Air track (big bouncy mattress)

  • Static trapeze, rings and aerial hammock (weight rated to 3000kg)

  • Safety lines (to practice acrobatics)

  • Lifting platforms (for heavy barbell work and weightlifting)

  • Cardio machines (air bike, ski ergometer, arm crank ergometer)

  • A range of weightlifting bars (5-20kg) and bumper plates (2.5-25kg)

  • Dumbells (2.5-30kg) and kettlebells (6-20kg)

  • Judo mats (for self-defence, plyometrics and mobility)

  • Resistance bands (ranging from 6kg-62.5kg - yes, I weigh my bands...)

  • Plus so much more... including Scotty!

Making Time.png

In 2023, we plan to add more fun things, such as:​

  • Cinder block slam, anchor and climb wall

  • Kitchenette

  • Bathroom (there's already easy access to a bathroom in the house)


I look forward to welcoming you into our new, improved training space!

If you have any questions or equipment requests,
please click here to contact me
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