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Lucy Johnson

I have achieved more than I thought possible. 

I had recently started dragon boating after being invited to try by my son's school, and realised that at the age of 43, having never done any weight training in my life, that I was pretty weak. I was also experiencing chronic lower back pain and feeling tired all the time and lacking in energy. An acquaintance of mine recommended that I try to go to see Sal.

My goals at the start were not ambitious, as I didn't have much confidence. I had some ongoing back pain and had even broken a few bones since turning 40 (in my shoulder and tailbone). I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to start weight training due to my back pain, but thought I'd give it a go.

My inital goals were to;

  • Get stronger

  • Become more resilient to injury

Not only do I feel stronger and more energetic, but more importantly Sal has taught me how to strengthen and use my core muscles to take the load off my back. I am now confidently walking into the gym as if I have a right to be there and performing lifts that I wouldn't have thought I could manage due to my back pain.

I am now confidently walking into the gym because I have a right to be there

The training system has allowed me to fit training in with the rest of my busy life and be consistent. Sal is constantly monitoring my training load and tells me when I need to be taking it easy. During my PT sessions with Sal I feel confident to try things I would never try by myself. I also always feel really motivated after each session to go and try everyting on my own.

I was pretty nervous about starting, even the first time I turned up for training with Sal I thought she might not know to do with such a weak, unfit person! However I felt challenged, yet comfortable, right from the start, and I think Sal has even more enthusiasm and pride in all my small achievements than she would have for a  full time professional athlete.


She understands that every time I get stronger and achieve a milestone, I've done this while juggling work and the demands of family life at the same time. Being fit has allowed me to keep up with teenagers playing football and basketball. Also, I'm now working in a school! I've had a few really great days where I've managed to motivate all the girls to compete against the boys, and they've done really well. There's a really nice girl in my class who is super strong and fit, and is sometimes teased by the other girls. I'm really trying to egg her on and tell her how fabulous she is.


I would tell anyone who is thinking about starting to have the courage to take the first step. Apart from the huge benefits of becoming stronger, healthier and less injury-prone, weight training can also make you feel more confident in other areas of your life. I know this has been the case for me. In my spare time now I like to go hiking or bouldering, I even did a white water rafting trip!

>> Real results from real people, not paid actors: clients are not paid to provide testimonials. <<

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