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Rhi Davies

Property Manager

Photo credit: Michael Daniel Photography

I enjoy being trained by someone who understands what is required to be a world class athlete

After competing as part of the Australian Dragon Boat Team team in 2015, I was still unhappy with my weight and fitness. I had heard great things about Sally and her training sessions. Sally understands racing and the physical demands of paddling, having been involved in the sport herself. Basically, she could understand my training regime and the intensity required. I trained with Sally throughout the 2015-2016 season which culminated with Australian Championships, followed closely by the World Club Championships, both in Adelaide in March 2016.

A few weeks out from competition I suffered a lower back injury due to a misalighnment in my pelvis. But we didn't give up and continued to train. I was able to race for my state, club and country. This was possible because Sally modified the off-water program, in close consultation with my physio, to maintain my strength and fitness while allowing my back to settle.


I took 8 weeks off after competing, but was still worried about any sort of return to exercise. I got the all clear from the physio, and Sally had me in for testing to see where my fitness levels were at. Surprisingly, my fitness and strength levels were still high which made me feel better about returning. The main goal was to return back to exercise and keep my body ‘aligned’.  We have been doing weightlifting as part of my program and I have been really enjoying it. I love lifting ALL the weights! I am enjoying my gym sessions, have noticed my body changing and adapting.


My goals are to;

  • To become fitter & stronger as a paddler

  • Better understand the techniques and movements to improve my gym sessions

  • Enjoy fitness & exercising

  • Stay ‘aligned’

The training system has been great, especially since it is tailored to suit me and my lifestyle. The training load monitoring has also been super beneficial in ensuring I’m not over-training and training safely. Each training block is different so I'm not doing the same thing all the time and therefore kept on my toes. Plus there are some creative exercises thrown in which are quite unique! 


I really look forward to my 1-on-1 PT sessions each week. They are great for confirming technique and any other questions I might have in relation to the exercises prescribed in the gym programs I also get twice a week.


I enjoy being trained by someone who understands what is required to be a world class athlete; both from a coach’s perspective and an athlete’s perspective.

>> Real results from real people, not paid actors: clients are not paid to provide testimonials. <<

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