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You move


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The Youth Movement Skills (YouMove) program has been designed for both students, teachers and school staff. There are two streams to the program, a student stream and a teacher and staff (TS) stream. Across both streams, YouMove is a way to gain movement proficiency in a fun, non-threatening environment. The program promotes a body-positive atmosphere, focusing on things we can do with our bodies rather than what our bodies look like. This program will be run free of charge for students, teachers and staff during term 4, 2021.


Throughout the program, teachers and staff are introduced to different methods of physical activity led by trained professionals. Each week, teachers and staff practice safe warm-up and cool-down practices that target movement proficiency and reduce their risk of injury. After the term is complete, teachers and staff will have been exposed to a range of exercise modes, using a range of equipment that is not generally available in a school setting. This includes weight and martial arts training, and functional movement skills. To ensure the program is effective, teachers and staff will set both physical and mental benchmarks on their first week of term and repeat these in their final week. The overall aim of this pilot program is to provide a test case, and gain government funding for a full program that will run across multiple years.

For detailed information on what's in the program, click the below button "More Information" or watch the YouTube information video below.

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