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Inga Davis

Director, Australian Government Northern Territory
Her approach is holistic – weights, cardio, mobility, proprioception, recovery, nutrition and also having a positive attitude.

I was a runner for many years so have a strong cardio capacity, but since joining Dragon Boating racing I realised that I needed to develop my strength to enable me to perform better in the fitness benchmarks. I wanted a place on the Australian team.


Sal is worth every cent.


Every other personal trainer asked me what my goals were and then did up a program only based on that.


Sal is different, she asks you what your goals are, but then takes the time to do a couple of sessions with you to look at your specific strengths and weaknesses, where your muscle development is lacking and how good your mobility is (or isn’t). She then designs the program to that.


Upon starting training in 2013, my goals were:

  • To get a pull up by the end of the year and at least 5 by the middle of next year  COMPLETED – I was doing 4 pull ups in Jan 2014

  •  Improve results across all Australian team fitness benchmark tests. COMPLETED - situps, pushups, bench press and kettle bell one arm snatches.

  • Drop my body fat percentage.  COMPLETED – dropped nearly 10kg in 5 months – almost 1/2kg loss per week!

  • Particularly focusing on strengthening my core, shoulders, back and chest.  COMPLETED1RM bench press came up by 25kg.


Sal is easily the best personal trainer I have had.

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