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Scott Bower

Information Technology, Department of Defence, Canberra
Sal's knowledge and coaching qualities are without a doubt, that of a world-class trainer.

As a 6th Degree International Instructor and Examiner under the Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation, I've enjoyed a relatively successful competitive career on a World Level. 


In 2013 I was particularly under pressure to both Coach the Australian Team while simultaneously undergoing my own preparations to compete as a Competitor. 


This task felt like a sysiphean effort with a number of personal and professional setbacks hampering my own preparation. 


With no more than 3 months until the 2013 World Championships, I realised the stresses of the National Coaching position coupled with the lack of any real preparation put me in a precarious and woefully underprepared position to seriously compete. 


I was faced with a decision to either grab hold with both hands and make the proverbial last-minute sprint across the line or forget about competing and concentrate on the preparation of the rest of the Australian Team. 


I knew that there was no way I could prepare myself, especially given the external pressures placed on me at the time. 


I sought the help of an outsider, someone who could align me in the right direction, help me focus on my goals and drive me when I'd otherwise be distracted. 


Sally came highly recommended and I found exactly the right qualities in her that I myself needed to accomplish my goals.  Her focus, will and single-minded determination and belief in me provided everything I needed to realise the success I was looking for. 


Her knowledge and coaching qualities are without a doubt, that of a world-class trainer.


The results speak for themselves;


  • Triple World Champion – Power breaking, Patterns and Sparring.

  • Team Gold in Patterns and Special Technique and Team Bronze in Sparring and Power.

  • Veteran Men’s Champion of Champions Trophy


 I have no doubt that my success was a direct result of Sally and her structured preparation.  I was able to continue preparing the Australian Team in my role as the National Coach leading into the World Championships while Sally gave me the Focus and Conditioning to prepare myself personally for the Event. 


I can't speak highly enough of her knowledge, abilities and her single-minded focus to achieve results that really matter in a safe, structured and professional capacity.

>> Real results from real people, not paid actors: clients are not paid to provide testimonials. <<

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