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Thea Daniel

Senior Executive - Australian Public Service
Sal knows the science behind her training programs, which are tailored to my needs and goals.

I manage projects and overseas based staff as part of Australia’s efforts to assist developing countries in Asia and the Pacific to improve the way they manage public finances and national budgets.


I think there’s a nice link between my work and my sports: Dragon Boat racing with its Asian heritage and outrigger canoeing with its Pacific origins.


I took up Dragon Boat and outrigger canoe paddling in 2012 and love it. I already had a pretty solid base of strength and fitness, but the intensity of training and competing for Australia in Dragon Boat racing has shown up a few issues and niggles with my power and flexibility that I need to work hard on before getting back in the boat/canoe “full time” this season.


After a few months training with Sally I made the top women's and mixed crews, which placed me in the top 11 women in Australia. I was also ranked in the top 5 fastest women in the single craft trials.


It’s fun, I look forward to each day’s session(s) even when Sally isn’t with me.


We keep in touch during the week and Sally is always quick to respond to any questions I have. Sally has a strong focus on recovery sessions as well as strength and cardio sessions.


My goals for 2013 were to;

  • increase strength, power and flexibility (completed)

  • ace the fitness tests for Australian team selection, including 8 (very) strict pull ups, 10 reps of 75% bodyweight bench press and 120 reps 16 kg kettle bell single arm snatch in two mins (completed)

  • retain my spot in the Australian Dragon Boat team (completed - went to Macau for the Asian Championships)


I enjoy being trained by someone who understands what is required to be a world class athlete, from a coach’s perspective and an athlete’s perspective as Sal is also a world champion Dragon Boat paddler.

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