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Holey Core!

There's a giant gaping hole between your ribs and hips called "your core".

Your core can be hard to feel, hard to find and hard to train.

I have a proven method to access and train your core muscles, by combining Martial Arts, Pilates, Yoga and Weightlifting principles.

Come join me over the next 3 weeks in online sessions that will have you learning, laughing and loving your core. Read more below.





Core Strength Series - One 60 minute online session, per week, for the next 3 weeks only. $60 per person.

Class 1: 11am Thursdays, 9 people maximum

Class 2: 5:30pm Thursdays, 9 people maximum

What I WILL do:

- show you easy ways to train your core that involve NO EQUIPMENT

- teach you how to use your core to improve balance and posture

- give you ways to think about your core that will help you continue learning past our sessions.

What I WILL NOT do:

- get you to do ridiculous things that hurt

- yell at you

- expect you to do any additional training outside our sessions.

We don't train hard, we just train well. We apply training to daily life. If you're keen, send me a direct message or go to the link in my bio.

Stay safe, stay home. 💪


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