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Ethics.. What's that?? My poem.

After writing ethics in three different formats

for two different Universities

on three different topics

and creating 63 Word documents

I have submitted my first application

to the Federation University Ethics Committee

for a project that lasts for 4 hours. Shiiiiit.

It's taken me about 6 weeks of solid work, I have a few more grey hairs..

And yes, my poem sucks because it doesn't rhyme or have any rhythmic value at all.

AND I DON'T CARE! Because I managed to write this sucker and get five signatures on it!

Two from Canberra, one from the AIS European Training Centre overseas, one from Syndey and the other from Ballarat. YEAH!

If it doesn't get through I might need to get in a Judo gi and go all KRAZY on someone.

Lucky the Japanese are coming in a couple of weeks for a camp!

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